Legal Support

For the resolution of our client`s legal nature issues, we have a team of tax attorneys available onboard. Go online and check what independent lawyers are charging per hour! With us – you could have their services acquired indirectly at a very sustainable and reasonable price.

Here are a few routine issues related with the taxation

Are you working in Australia? If yes then you employer is legally bound to deduct tax from your wages or gross income weekly. The amount deducted on account of taxes is forwarded to the Australian Tax Office (aka ATO). At the end of the year, you can claim your tax back.  Whatever is your occupation, gender and financial background claiming for Refunds is your legal right. As per the current rules and guidelines, a maximum of $6000 could be claimed by individual taxpayers. So, don’t waste your time and contact our professional “Tax Credit Experts”. We have been helping individuals in getting their money back for several years. We understand the relevant rules, regulations and the laws. Just let us know about your details and we will come back with a refund estimate. As far as our fee and charges are concerned, we are offering our clients with two models. Pay us a certain percentage of the total recovered amount OR proceed with a pre-negotiated flat Fee.


  • Am I eligible for certain deductions or offsets?

Yes, sign up and we will determine which deductions or offsets you’re qualified for. In most cases, taxpayers just don’t care about their ability to submit their returns optimized for deductions. We have the best tax minds available and we understand tax law and its inherent flaws.


  • Claim Family Tax Benefits, Family Allowance, or Spouse with dependent

You are able to claim a spouse rebate with or without dependents. We can have the rebate calculated for you so please use the contact form available on the contact page. Believe us – you can enjoy amazing tax savings in no time. Baby bonuses are automatically claimed on your behalf based on information that you provide us on the dependent page of your tax return. If you are eligible for a Family Tax Benefit, and you have not already been paid, the ATO will automatically credit your refund with the amount that is due to you.


  • Lodge past year tax returns


Yes, don’t worry if the due date has expired, we can still help you lodge your past year returns. However please be advised in some cases tax returns lodged after due dates may incur a penalty from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). However, we will try our level best to protect you from undue financial losses. We have been doing this for years. Hundreds of our customers managed to file their outstanding tax returns in a safe manner.