First time filing tax online?

Don’t worry this is easier than you think or let us rephrase it! We will make it sound easier than your thoughts. The online filing of tax returns is the best possible methods available. Our agents will remain available via toll-free telephone lines to provide you with the required assistance.

[box] What information do I need to complete my return?[/box]


You will be able to file your electronic returns in quite a simple manner. Our representative will direct you via telephone call. In general, you wont be asked for too many documents and other information. It is not a lengthy process just keep the basic stuff in quick approach like, Group Certificates and Dividend Statements. Thats all.



Remember – you do not need to send these documents to the Australian tax office. However, it is recommended that you should keep them in your file before, during and after the preparation/submission of your annual income tax returns.