Are we trustworthy?

Yes! Many taxpayers simply don’t like to acquire services on several grounds. Privacy and fraud related concerns are two biggest reasons which keep them away from on-line tax service providing companies. Well, let us assure you – our services are hundred percent safe and several security systems are working at the back-end of this website for keeping it safe!


Your Privacy is a matter of great concern for us!

We keep your personal information in our secure database, in accordance with Privacy Laws, you can rest a sure your information will not be disclosed to any other party. We are a registered company and we are operating while keeping ourselves aligned with all the relevant federal and international laws. We will never sell your private information to anyone. Your personal information will be kept in our secure database and in agreement with Privacy Laws. Stay assured your information will not be disclosed to any other party.

Payment Systems Safety

We use 128-bit encryption technology to protect any information that you provide to us via our site and this includes your credit card or other payment details. In addition to this, our servers connect to the internet via very strong virtual private networking mechanism. The entire flow of data is handled by means of encrypted tunnels. In short, it’s almost impossible for the hackers and crackers to break-in to our networks.

How will we use your personal information?

Your personal information, including your age, gender, marital status, annual income etc. will be used for the estimation and determination of your tax liability only. It is a matter of fact that the Australian Tax Code has the different standard for taxpayers who come from different age groups and with different income. We are not going to use your private information for the sake of our own interest ever.

You are protected legally!

As a client, you are protected legally and we as a service provider are bound to provide you with professional services as promised. At the end of the day, any undue harm and trouble or financial loss incurred due to our deficiencies and our negligence will make you entitled for a full money back. In general, we don’t offer a money back guarantees. However, when it comes to the negligence and a resulting financial loss than the management of our company have a stated policy of taking strict actions against everyone involved. We are lucky as anything like this never happened before. Still, we have this system in place and we feel proud as this gesture is yet to be shown by any other of our competitors. This post was sponsored by Brisbane bookkeeping company.